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I know my clients need honest answers about their situation from an experienced defence lawyer that knows what they are doing and understands how to fight for them. They want a trial lawyer who cares for them and is very responsive when they need answers.
Robert W.H. Kivlichan
Criminal Defence Lawyer, Founding Partner

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At KIVLaw, our experienced criminal defence lawyers understand that your life as you know it is at risk. Your work, finances, career, family and more are at risk from criminal charges and possible prosecution. We are here to help you in the most challenging time of your life.

We understand that you need representation and honest, upfront advice. We provide solid legal advice. We are lawyers for criminal cases who are responsive, thorough, respectful and upfront so that we can help you make the best decisions, and you can get through this and get your life back in order.

You are likely concerned about the cost of legal fees too. We work with our clients to find a budget that works.

One of Ontario's Leading Criminal Law Firms

One of Ontario's Leading Criminal Law Firms

If you have been charged with a crime, KIVLaw’s criminal defence lawyers will help. We will guide you through your case's complex legal issues to achieve the best possible outcome. Depending on the details of your case, the result could be a dismissal of charges, being found not guilty, charges reduced, or the reduction in the severity of the charges or penalties.

How it Works

How it Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the lawyer practice exclusively in criminal law?

  • You want an experienced defence lawyer who understands the ins and outs of criminal cases and practices only in criminal law.

Does the criminal defence lawyer have courtroom experience?

  • Top criminal lawyers are experienced in the courtroom. They do lots of trials and are well-known by Judges, Crown Attorneys, and other defence lawyers.

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Will the defence lawyer you are meeting with be personally representing your case?
  • If you are meeting with a senior partner who will not be the lawyer who will actively represent your case, this could be a red flag. Ask to meet with the lawyer who will represent you.

Do they have experience defending charges similar to yours?

  • Find out how many cases the criminal lawyer has defended that are similar to yours. Find out if those cases went to court and what the results were.

Are they passionate about defending cases like yours?

  • Is the defence attorney passionate about defending people like you?

How does the lawyer make you feel?

  • The best criminal defence lawyer for you should make you feel like you are a partner in your defence. That is our approach at KIVLAW Defence Lawyers; we keep our clients informed and involved in their defence every step of the way.

Do you understand what the lawyer is talking about?

  • Top criminal lawyers should be able to explain things in a way that you can understand them.

What about their online reviews?

  • Check out their reviews online. That can give you some indication of how good they are.  Do not expect that every review will be great.  With criminal lawyers, there is usually a small percentage who are not happy with their representation.

Are they explaining your options?

  • Is the lawyer helping you understand what your options are? They should be explaining your options, what they think the chances are and what the result could be of each option.

Can you afford them?

  • For some people, a criminal law case is more than you can afford to pay. Some lawyers will provide options that will enable them to lower the cost of representation. Some will offer payment plans. Having a top criminal lawyer representing you does cost a lot of money. Don’t skimp too much. Make sure you get the right lawyer.

There are many factors that impact the cost of hiring a lawyer for your criminal defence. The main factors are:

Complexity: the complexity of the case is impacted by the evidence and technical interpretation of the evidence, relation of the case to previous legal precedents, and other factors.

Type of charges: The seriousness of the offence against society can impact the time required for a lawyer to represent the defendant. Some types of charges, such as sexual assault charges have additional legal requirements that significantly increase the amount of time required by a lawyer in representation.

Number of charges: The defendant may be charged with one crime or multiple crimes. The number of crimes also impacts the time and cost of your legal representation. 

Mode of trial: The trial can take place in the Ontario Court or in the Superior Court, with or without a jury. Superior court trials take more time and cost more money.

Experience of the lawyer you hire: The number of years a lawyer has been practicing criminal law, the type of experience they have and the perception of their success all impact the final cost.

Absolutely. Some law firms will provide payment plans. Others ask for a retainer. KIVLaw is ready to work with you and your budget and we do take payment plans


The KIVLaw defence team is a group of passionate, experienced and capable criminal defence lawyers that can help you get your life back.

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