Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault

Our client was charged with sexual assault stemming from a night out with friends in the Entertainment District four (4) years’ previously. The client and a group of friends were out drinking and, by all accounts, it was a regular night out for young people living in Toronto.

Our client later became very successful. Through hard work and dedication, he built up a promising future for himself and his family. That’s when the bottom fell out.

The complainant went to police and claimed our client touched her inappropriately during the night in question. After over four (4) years’ our client was charged with sexual assault.

Unfortunately, this story is all too familiar at KIVLAW Defence Lawyers. We were able to take the matter to trial and expose the complainant’s real motive, financial gain. After successfully discrediting the witness, our client was acquitted of all charges and has successfully moved on from the whole ordeal.